Friday, June 15, 2012

After A Minor Disappearance...

Here I am, I still exist.

I, in fact, have added a few new items to my shop. I feel fantastic about that, and I hope you all will as well!

I've been going hard at school, and have officially finished my first full year of college! That seems a bit insane to me, but I feel fairly accomplished as well. I will be going back in the fall to continue working toward my Associates to transfer, and my goal will be to eventually transfer to Oregon State University for a Bachelors (possibly a masters?) in Nutrition Sciences. I would love to become a Registered Dietitian, and possibly a teacher of Health and/or Nutrition Sciences down the road. It's amazing how fast we can make plans for our futures sometimes! A year ago, I wouldn't have been able to lay any of these ideas out because I had NO clue where I was going or what I was doing. In fact, a year ago I was applying for my Financial Aid and fretting about whether or not I was even going to be able to go to school in the first place!

A lot of things have shifted in our house. The big change is that my husband is transferring to a different school in the same district, and he will be moving up a grade! He has been in the same grade level and school for the whole 6 years that he has been in the profession, so this will be an exciting change for him. I'm excited as well. The school he is transferring to has a wonderful reputation, and his classroom will be really nice once we've got it all pulled together later this summer!

So many things to share, I suppose I'll have to come back more often! Until next time, I leave you with one of my newer creations (which just so happens to also be an available product in my store, now!)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little Less Traditional...

So, I know that it seems a tad bit odd that any woman with a family would not fit into the traditional Better Homes and Gardens idea for a holiday home, but I am convinced I am not the only one! I may like crafting, I may enjoy opening and gifting as many Christmas presents as possible. I enjoy the heck out of gathering for the holidays and seeing my family and laughing with them until someone pukes (two holidays now, I'm serious, this has happened!). I definitely love the food... Until the aforementioned happens, anyway. I try to eat quickly, haha!

Anyway, this year I managed to shed a little bit of my "bah, humbug" and actually appreciated putting up decorations, including a tree, and didn't feel as grumpy about it as I had expected. In fact, I believe I was more grumpy about the fact that something had changed in me, making me less grumpy! I even put together my own little Ugly Christmas Sweater party, and made delicious treats for it. I would say I have gained a large deal of Christmas spirit this year as compared the the few years past...

One thing I have undeniably maintained a strong dislike for, though, is Christmas music. Don't get me wrong, I hate it much less than I did when I worked retail during the holidays and heard it all day every day, but I certainly do not prefer it, even still. So, two years ago I decided to hunt down some less than traditional Christmas tunes. I figured it would help me celebrate the holidays without listening to "O' Christmas Tree" or "Silent Night" several times a day, by several different artists. Some of the results were completely vulgar and disgusting, and some only slightly so, and some not at all. Obviously I had much more preference for those that were of the latter groups. A little touch of inappropriate is much more delightful for the occasion than a completely distasteful tune at Christmas time.

So, without further ado, my favorites!

Lady Gaga - Christmas Tree

Simple Plan - My Christmas List

The Ready Set - Wishlist

Tenacious D & Sum 41 - Christmas Song

Weezer - The Christmas Song

All of these have a bit of a different flavor from the others, but I like a variety of stuff. That variety doesn't include most traditional holiday songs! Haha. Hope you all enjoy, and I hope I helped a few of you who aren't into the typical Christmas music!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Holiday Spirit!

So, last year I was so "bah-humbug!" that I didn't even put up a tree or anything of the sort. We had just had our twins in August, and my step children would be at their moms the week leading into Christmas and when we got them the day after Christmas, we spent our week in Spokane. I just didn't have the patience for such little reason. I knew I'd procrastinate taking it down, too. A few years prior I had put up a Christmas tree and (beauty of fake trees...) left it up until well into March when I moved out of the house I was in and was obviously forced to put some effort into packing the ornaments and branches back up. And yes, I do fake trees... What do you want from me??

You'd think someone as excited about crafts as myself would be all about the holidays, but really, I am a slow-going and very deliberate but also very paced crafter. In other words, if you had asked me last year to sew a valance for the Christmas season in November, you'd be lucky to get it for this Christmas. That's why I find it surprising that I cleaned my house, organized a Christmas party for this weekend, put up a tree, spent additional money on decor and new ornaments, and dare I even tell you... I actually did sew a valance for the season, and I did it in just a few hours time (rather than a very comfortable 13 months' time!) this evening.

Forgive me, but I couldn't help but share!

If I'm feeling rather ambitious, I may take some better quality pictures later this week and post. I am smack in the middle of finals week in my very first term of college, and I should focus maybe just a bit more attention to the Math final I have this Friday... Wish me luck!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ohhh, busy busy! I've been going to school full-time since late September - talk about a lot of work! I haven't been in school since I graduated High School in 2005, and let's face it, I didn't really do any work back then anyway. This term has been kicking my back end!

Winter break is approaching - three finals and I'm there! I've just revealed a few new designs of booties on my Etsy shop! they've had positive responses so far from friends and fans, so hopefully they'll be a success!

I did a booth in our small mall here in town a month or so ago. It wasn't very busy, because our town is pretty quiet and our mall is pretty lackluster, but it was a fun experience. I wouldn't be against doing it again someday. I really enjoyed the opportunity to feel like I really had my own business. When I sell online, I feel like everyone does it these days and it's not really having my own business, because all I'm doing is listing my stuff, right? Well, that's my negative Nancy getting the best of me, I suppose, but it felt pretty legit when I had a booth in the mall! If only I could produce enough product to run an actual store, that would be so exciting!

In other news, my ever so talented husband won a karaoke contest tonight! Whatta man! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Light Weight Blankets?

My one year old twins will be going to day care part-time starting in 2 weeks, because I am going back to school (yay!) and they can bring a blanket with them. Last winter I bought a Raggedy Ann flannel fabric at Hancock when I was visiting Spokane for Christmas. I thought that it would be perfect for blankets for boy/girl twins. Well, 9 months later (you're all really learning just how bad of a procrastinator I am!), I think I might use it! I bought perfect backing fabric to go with the flannel - for Voisie, a red with white and blue flowers, and for Owen, a light blue fabric with dark blue leafy looking print. Both look somewhat rustic which I think fits the Raggedy Ann look. I am going to get them done within the next two weeks so they can be their special day care blankets... hopefully!

So, my question is this: if I want them to be lightweight and somewhat floppy so they are more of a comfort blanket than a blanket for a lot of warmth, would it make sense to just add cotton quilting fabric to the back of the flannel and call it good, or should I find a really thin batting? I want them to be really flexible and light. I'm just not sure if it would be TOO thin/flimsy. Ideas or opinions?

I can't believe I am putting my little ones into day care already! But, I am really excited to be going to school this year! This will be my first time continuing education out of High School, so I am nervous and super eager at the same time! The first term, I will be taking basic classes: Math, Writing, Speech, and Intro to Business. Who knows where the second term will take me? Hopefully just not to a corner of my bedroom balled up in fetal position having a mental breakdown. Ha ha! I think I'll be fine, though! Wish me luck, I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Long Day & New Progress!

As some of you may or may not know, I have significantly changed my eating habits and have been getting my cardio on! I started with a weight of about 196 (on July 16th) and as of today I weigh a miraculous 174.6! That averages out to a little over 3 and a half pounds a week! :)
For those of you looking for some motivation in the matter, check into the following:
"Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" - a documentary sharing the benefits of juicing, featuring the weight loss/health developing journey of two men sharing the same rare (seemingly incurable) disease.

"Food Matters" - a documentary sharing the benefits of raw fruits and veggies, including information on super foods and the history of modern medicine and its role in nutrition and general overall health.

"Food Inc." - a documentary that shares the dangers of fast food and processed super market foods. Shows the reality behind many mass meat producers and what goes into many of our foods.

"Heavy" - a reality series that outlines the dangers of obesity and shows inspiring transformation in people dealing with very severe and debilitating obesity, over-eating disorders, and food addictions.

All of these have been very motivational and inspirational for the journey I've been on and have made this venture to lose weight and be healthy different from any other time I have done so. I've learned now all the right things to do and that it is a lifestyle change that has to be made if I want my body to change for life! In the last month I have felt volumes better than what I used to, my energy has boosted quite a bit, and I have also been enlightened about what I should be feeding my children everyday to help them live happy healthy lives!

Today I went to the Y and I busted some serious tail. I have pretty much stayed in my comfort zone for the last couple weeks and I decided it's time to kick it up a notch. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I challenge myself and make progress!

What is your favorite machine at the gym? I love the elliptical trainer and the stationary bikes! The treadmill is not yet a good friend of mine! Haha!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paisley Button-Up Shirt

Back in June of 2010 (over a year ago, yes) I made my husband a shirt and promised to make him another one. He picked out the fabric for the new shirt shortly after he got the first one, and got really excited, and kept reminding me... And I kept putting it off until finally, Monday and Tuesday, I got it all out and made it for him. Poor guy had to wait over a year!!!

On the bright side, he lost a lot of weight between shirt number one and shirt number two, so it's kind of cool for him to be able to compare the two photos. :) He was really excited to be able to wear his new shirt for the first time on the day that he got to meet this year's 4th grade students. I'll share the new one first, and then I'll show you all the first one I did over a year ago... Just for kicks!
Made in August 2011
He's pretty handsome :)

Made in June 2010