Monday, September 12, 2011

Light Weight Blankets?

My one year old twins will be going to day care part-time starting in 2 weeks, because I am going back to school (yay!) and they can bring a blanket with them. Last winter I bought a Raggedy Ann flannel fabric at Hancock when I was visiting Spokane for Christmas. I thought that it would be perfect for blankets for boy/girl twins. Well, 9 months later (you're all really learning just how bad of a procrastinator I am!), I think I might use it! I bought perfect backing fabric to go with the flannel - for Voisie, a red with white and blue flowers, and for Owen, a light blue fabric with dark blue leafy looking print. Both look somewhat rustic which I think fits the Raggedy Ann look. I am going to get them done within the next two weeks so they can be their special day care blankets... hopefully!

So, my question is this: if I want them to be lightweight and somewhat floppy so they are more of a comfort blanket than a blanket for a lot of warmth, would it make sense to just add cotton quilting fabric to the back of the flannel and call it good, or should I find a really thin batting? I want them to be really flexible and light. I'm just not sure if it would be TOO thin/flimsy. Ideas or opinions?

I can't believe I am putting my little ones into day care already! But, I am really excited to be going to school this year! This will be my first time continuing education out of High School, so I am nervous and super eager at the same time! The first term, I will be taking basic classes: Math, Writing, Speech, and Intro to Business. Who knows where the second term will take me? Hopefully just not to a corner of my bedroom balled up in fetal position having a mental breakdown. Ha ha! I think I'll be fine, though! Wish me luck, I'll keep you posted!