Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paisley Button-Up Shirt

Back in June of 2010 (over a year ago, yes) I made my husband a shirt and promised to make him another one. He picked out the fabric for the new shirt shortly after he got the first one, and got really excited, and kept reminding me... And I kept putting it off until finally, Monday and Tuesday, I got it all out and made it for him. Poor guy had to wait over a year!!!

On the bright side, he lost a lot of weight between shirt number one and shirt number two, so it's kind of cool for him to be able to compare the two photos. :) He was really excited to be able to wear his new shirt for the first time on the day that he got to meet this year's 4th grade students. I'll share the new one first, and then I'll show you all the first one I did over a year ago... Just for kicks!
Made in August 2011
He's pretty handsome :)

Made in June 2010

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