Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Holiday Spirit!

So, last year I was so "bah-humbug!" that I didn't even put up a tree or anything of the sort. We had just had our twins in August, and my step children would be at their moms the week leading into Christmas and when we got them the day after Christmas, we spent our week in Spokane. I just didn't have the patience for such little reason. I knew I'd procrastinate taking it down, too. A few years prior I had put up a Christmas tree and (beauty of fake trees...) left it up until well into March when I moved out of the house I was in and was obviously forced to put some effort into packing the ornaments and branches back up. And yes, I do fake trees... What do you want from me??

You'd think someone as excited about crafts as myself would be all about the holidays, but really, I am a slow-going and very deliberate but also very paced crafter. In other words, if you had asked me last year to sew a valance for the Christmas season in November, you'd be lucky to get it for this Christmas. That's why I find it surprising that I cleaned my house, organized a Christmas party for this weekend, put up a tree, spent additional money on decor and new ornaments, and dare I even tell you... I actually did sew a valance for the season, and I did it in just a few hours time (rather than a very comfortable 13 months' time!) this evening.

Forgive me, but I couldn't help but share!

If I'm feeling rather ambitious, I may take some better quality pictures later this week and post. I am smack in the middle of finals week in my very first term of college, and I should focus maybe just a bit more attention to the Math final I have this Friday... Wish me luck!

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