Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little Less Traditional...

So, I know that it seems a tad bit odd that any woman with a family would not fit into the traditional Better Homes and Gardens idea for a holiday home, but I am convinced I am not the only one! I may like crafting, I may enjoy opening and gifting as many Christmas presents as possible. I enjoy the heck out of gathering for the holidays and seeing my family and laughing with them until someone pukes (two holidays now, I'm serious, this has happened!). I definitely love the food... Until the aforementioned happens, anyway. I try to eat quickly, haha!

Anyway, this year I managed to shed a little bit of my "bah, humbug" and actually appreciated putting up decorations, including a tree, and didn't feel as grumpy about it as I had expected. In fact, I believe I was more grumpy about the fact that something had changed in me, making me less grumpy! I even put together my own little Ugly Christmas Sweater party, and made delicious treats for it. I would say I have gained a large deal of Christmas spirit this year as compared the the few years past...

One thing I have undeniably maintained a strong dislike for, though, is Christmas music. Don't get me wrong, I hate it much less than I did when I worked retail during the holidays and heard it all day every day, but I certainly do not prefer it, even still. So, two years ago I decided to hunt down some less than traditional Christmas tunes. I figured it would help me celebrate the holidays without listening to "O' Christmas Tree" or "Silent Night" several times a day, by several different artists. Some of the results were completely vulgar and disgusting, and some only slightly so, and some not at all. Obviously I had much more preference for those that were of the latter groups. A little touch of inappropriate is much more delightful for the occasion than a completely distasteful tune at Christmas time.

So, without further ado, my favorites!

Lady Gaga - Christmas Tree

Simple Plan - My Christmas List

The Ready Set - Wishlist

Tenacious D & Sum 41 - Christmas Song

Weezer - The Christmas Song

All of these have a bit of a different flavor from the others, but I like a variety of stuff. That variety doesn't include most traditional holiday songs! Haha. Hope you all enjoy, and I hope I helped a few of you who aren't into the typical Christmas music!

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