Monday, December 5, 2011

Ohhh, busy busy! I've been going to school full-time since late September - talk about a lot of work! I haven't been in school since I graduated High School in 2005, and let's face it, I didn't really do any work back then anyway. This term has been kicking my back end!

Winter break is approaching - three finals and I'm there! I've just revealed a few new designs of booties on my Etsy shop! they've had positive responses so far from friends and fans, so hopefully they'll be a success!

I did a booth in our small mall here in town a month or so ago. It wasn't very busy, because our town is pretty quiet and our mall is pretty lackluster, but it was a fun experience. I wouldn't be against doing it again someday. I really enjoyed the opportunity to feel like I really had my own business. When I sell online, I feel like everyone does it these days and it's not really having my own business, because all I'm doing is listing my stuff, right? Well, that's my negative Nancy getting the best of me, I suppose, but it felt pretty legit when I had a booth in the mall! If only I could produce enough product to run an actual store, that would be so exciting!

In other news, my ever so talented husband won a karaoke contest tonight! Whatta man! :)

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